Hi, my name is James and I am a photography addict. And a travel addict. Ooh, and food is pretty amazing too. And I LOVE hotels. As you can see, I jump around a lot, so in August 2016 I decided to start doing it full-time, quit my day job, and travel the world. I want to inspire others to pack their bags and hit the open road. So many people limit themselves to only dreaming about long-term travel, so I want to help show them that not only is it possible, but it’s easy!

Before making the full-time nomad vow, I worked for 2 years in high-end resort hotels in Hawaii, California, and Utah (think Montage Hotels, The Ritz-Carlton, Andaz, etc) as the creative director of photography services. I fell in love with the tourism industry in those two years and knew that I would need to find a way to join my love for travel and photography.

I have since created partnerships with over 60 hotels, hostels, eco-lodges, schools, restaurants, tour companies, cafés, camping supply companies (takes breath)….if you can name it, I have probably worked with them. My plan is to travel continually for all of 2017 and 2018 and continue partnering with amazing businesses all along the way.

What I do is simple, and that’s why I love it: I’ll show up at your doorstep, camera in hand, and take amazing pictures of your offerings for you to use for social media, marketing, website material, whatever you’d like. All that I ask for in return is a taste of what you have to offer: A few nights in your hotel, a meal in your restaurant, or a trip down the river in your canoe (long story). There is NEVER any money involved and there is ALWAYS a lot of fun involved. That’s the best part!

Why is Drop Everything and Travel different? Every image on this website was taken by yours truly (unless otherwise noted) and every blog typed by my own fingers (slowly). I pride myself in featuring only work that I have created. Every story, every hike, and every uncomfortable $3/night hostel bed that I’ve slept on have been documented truthfully (my back still hurts from that one…) and I never write about companies, locations, or trips that I haven’t personally experienced myself.

Interested in learning more? Head on over to the Partners page to view testimonials from businesses that I have already partnered with or click on the Get In Touch page to shoot me an e-mail!

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